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Regional labor market analysis and employer brand benchmarking for a German pharmaceutical manufacturer


Facing increasing production volumes and, thus, a growing demand for skilled personnel, the client seeks to capture current characteristics of the labor market and its development. This includes an analysis of companies who compete in the regional labor market as well as an employer branding benchmark.


DTO Research approach and procedure

Initially, the regional labor market was examined in terms of demographics and training figures forming the quantitative base of a statistical forecast. Secondly, relevant employer brand criteria – e.g. salary, benefits or working hours – of regionally competing companies were analyzed through expert interviews and desk research. An important aspect of this analysis was the investigation of potentially adaptable measures that the competition takes to increase their attractiveness in the job market.



The labor market forecast quantified the potential challenges of acquiring skilled personnel from a new perspective. The client received detailed intelligence of the local competition in the form of company profiles as well as a conclusive employer brand benchmark – e.g. salary ranking. Strategic measures for adaptation and optimization were elaborated in an interactive workshop and the efficacy of these measures is periodically tracked by DTO Research.