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    Cleaning Markets

Creating and understanding cleaning markets

Particularly in relatively fragmented markets such as cleaning products, equipment and cleaning machines, it is crucial not only to react to important market trends promptly but also to maintain a sustainable strategy that secures and enhances your position. We offer many different solutions and areas of application: Learn more about your position in the market, the competitive context and identify the potential of your sales market with a market analysis tailored to your needs. With DTO Research you have a partner that is, among other areas, specialised in your industry – with over 10 years of experience.

Individual market analysis for:


  • Manufacturers of cleaning products
  • Manufacturers of cleaning equipment
  • Manufacturers of cleaning machines
  • Service providers such as facility management and cleaning companies

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Clarity through individual market analysis

The cleaning market is exposed to many uncertainties and constant pressure for innovation and differentiation. A recent market analysis conducted by DTO Research in co-operation with ISSA identified -among others- the following trends and characteristics for the German market:

  • cost pressure as well as in-transparency in procurement processes
  • increasing digitalisation of the cleaning industry
  • influence of robotics on the cleaning processes
  • Innovations in cleaning products and cleaning machines
  • Sustainable resources and use of products
  • Visibility of cleaning performance and its significance to end customers

By working closely with a network of cleaning companies, facility managers and cleaning professionals, we generate first-hand information. With targeted surveys and analyses of your target groups, we support you in optimising your products and aligning them with the needs and wishes of your customers and potential customers. DTO Research conceptualises a dynamic strategy, defines operational measures as well as their implementation with you - for more clarity and sustainable market knowledge, even in the long term.

Download our complimentary presentation on the German Cleaning and Hygiene Market with an overview of the top 10 companies here!

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Mr. Michael Di Figlia
Mr. Michael Di FigliaHead of Cleaning Markets

Studies conducted in the field of cleaning markets

We have already conducted a large number of national and international studies:

Cleaning products


Cleaning machines










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