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Creating and understanding markets:
market research & consulting for
industrial companies

Comprehensible: During the last 15 years, we have gained a lot of expertise and experience: with more than 1,510 national and international projects and over 100 satisfied customers we were able to prove this. Each of our steps is focused on the sustainable success of your company.

Supportive: We help you to gain confidence in project and business decisions by showing you the factors that influence your company and your business through precise analysis. In collaboration, we develop tailored corporate and marketing strategies to ensure that you successfully exploit your market potential.

Interdisciplinary: You receive a multi-faceted overview of your market situation through cross-disciplinary cooperation with experts from social and business sciences, marketing and psychology. We incorporate all relevant facets of your company and combine it into a holistic picture: From data collection to strategy implementation.

Reliable: With the best of market research and the strategy consulting we can lead you safely to your goal, even with complex problems and intransparent or new markets. A structured and systematic approach characterises our method of operating. We are always transparent and responsive to you, even after the completion of your project.

Specialised: Our core business is B2B market research. Over time, we specialised and developed our expertise mainly in four markets: Industry, Machinery, Cleaning & Medical. Through this focus on the selected industries, you can receive targeted market analysis and strategy consulting, developed in a network of experts.


At DTO Research, 50 employees are available for the individual implementation of your projects

“We provide our customers with clearly structured and data that is ready to use, so that action steps based on the results can be implemented immediately.”

Since 2008, we have been conducting market research in the B2B sector

The story of DTO Research begins as DTO Consulting. When the founders of DTO Research launched the company in 2008, the main focus was on business consulting. It quickly turned out that not only the customer, but also we ourselves had to gain a much better understanding of the market in order to be able to offer a truly successful consultation.

And so the focus of our activity shifted to market research. Moreover, there was additional specialisation from the outset: B2B market research – mainly in the industry, medical, cleaning and machinery markets. However, DTO Research has remained true to its core; in addition to individual market research, we also offer our customers a strategic consultation based on the results.

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