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B2B Market research for companies and service providers

We provide companies or service providers with precise B2B market research to better assess their market environment in order to derive the right conclusions for business strategies.


Whether it's analyzing your competition or target audience, assessing market potential, identifying suitable market partners or finding new markets for your products and services, DTO is your specialist in B2B market research. Especially in the case of strategic realignment or the review of the current corporate strategy, it is essential that information is prepared in a valid and needs-based manner for consultations or top management.

DTO has many years of expertise in a variety of industries and generates the information you need to make strategic and operational decisions.

In scenarios involving significant strategic shifts or reevaluations of existing corporate strategies, having access to accurate, relevant and timely information is essential. Our well-structured B2B market research process ensures that the insights you receive are not only valid but also tailored to your unique requirements. Your consultations and top management discussions gain a solid foundation as you draw upon the insights generated through our years of cross-industry expertise.

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Should you require more information or wish to engage in a personal conversation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone at +1 (704) 791 1455 or by sending an email to info@dto-research.com. We'll be pleased to assist you.

Industry Focus

  • Industry
  • Service
  • Production
  • Machine and plant engineers
  • Construction and utility machines
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Energy

Our services

We create for you both professional market and industry analyzes, as well as presentations on competitors, customers, countries, distribution channels or product and service potentials. Even if information is needed very quickly, we are happy to be your partner.

market research
competitive analysis
market potential analysis
strategy consulting

For all customers who would like to better understand their markets and industries, even with high levels of non-transparency, we are able to offer research solutions. If you will find our core areas and their corresponding subpages here.

Professional market and industry analyzes

“For strategic realignment or review of the current
corporate strategy and direction of the company"










How can B2B market research benefit my company?

B2B market research provides valuable insights into your industry, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. It helps you understand your competition, identify potential partners, gauge market demand, and uncover emerging trends. By leveraging these insights, your company can refine its strategies, target the right customers, and position itself for growth.

How is DTO’s B2B market research conducted?

Our market research process involves a combination of data collection, analysis and interpretation. We gather information from a variety of sources, including industry reports, market databases, competitor analysis and customer surveys. Our expert team then synthesizes this data to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

How can I get started with DTO’s market research services?

Simple: Reach out to us via our contact page and our consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will discuss your specific needs, industry focus and the type of research that your company requires. From there, we will outline a customized research plan and provide you with an overview of how we can support your business objectives.

How does DTO ensure the accuracy of the information provided?

Accuracy is the core of our market research process. Our team of experienced researchers follow rigorous methodology to gather and validate data from credible sources. We employ industry-standard techniques to ensure that the insights we deliver are reliable and accurate, giving you the confidence to base your business decisions on solid information and valuable data.

How can DTO’s B2B market research contribute to my company’s long-term success?

Market research is an investment in your company’s future. By gaining a deeper understanding of your market, competition and customer behaviors, you position your business to make strategic decisions that drive growth. With a solid foundation, you can identify emerging trends, capitalize on opportunities and continually refine your business strategies for long-term success.

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