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Hardly any industry is subject to such strong change cycles as the ITC industry. Business models that are currently profitable can be outdated tomorrow. Also, an increase in the interconnectedness of ITC with other industries is strongly visible. Whether it is Industry 4.0, Connected Cleaning, Connected Farming or Telemedicine, the world is becoming more digital. In order to keep pace, it is important to recognize the relevant industry trends in good time and to adapt one's own business models correspondingly. This applies both to companies in the ITC industry, as well as more traditional industries such as mechanical engineering or commercial machinery. A market analysis from DTO Research can help you better understand market developments and draw the right conclusions.


Individual market analyzes for:

  • Technology service providers
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Software companies
  • IT service providers
  • Consulting companies

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Consequently, it is not only important for companies in the ITC industry to know their own industry, but to also incorporate more industry knowledge from distant industries in new product developments. At the same time, forward integration of former sales sectors into the ITC market also creates new competition. For IT and telecommunications companies, however, there are new sales markets, as well as new knowledge requirements, which must be captivated through both training courses and new cooperation models.

Through our many years of expertise in the ITC industry, we can provide you with the right market knowledge to make your strategic decisions as safe as possible. See for yourself how DTO Research can help you with a professional market analysis during your business start-up or expansion in the ITC market.

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Studies Completed in the IT and Telecommunication Markets

We have conducted a number of national and international studies in the IT and telecommunication markets:

Technology Service Providers
Software Companies
IT Service and Consulting Companies
  • 1,510


  • 150


  • 50


  • 5


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