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    Market Research

Customized market research
For our clients from the most diverse economic and non-profit sectors, we create market surveys and carry out market analyzes. The market analysis is the cornerstone of corporate decisions, such as the strategic realignment or a planned market entry. It also creates the basic understanding of target groups and competitors. A market analysis is always based on meaningful and above all transparent data, which our customers can integrate directly into their corporate strategy. The quantitative and qualitative market studies we conduct are based on the decision-making strategies aimed at by our customers and are being purposefully adapted.

The full range of market research
We select an individual project design for all our market research projects. We provide our customers with clearly structured and ready-to-use data so that action steps based on the results can be implemented immediately. We have been carrying out primary and secondary surveys for years, according to the wishes of our customers around the world. In addition to classic market research, our specialist areas include qualitative market research in the B2B area at top management level. Through our specially trained interviewers and a clever questioning technique, supported by open discussion guides, we are able to generate valid data even in non-transparent and competitive markets.

More than pure market analysis
In addition to pure competition and market analysis, customer, image and supplier analyzes are also part of our portfolio. With our wide range of methods, you can gain comprehensive insights into your customers, your products and your brand. We have a large network of potential interview partners, well-trained interviewers and suitable native speakers. Whether you want to analyze your competition, identify market potential or identify future trends, with DTO you have a reliable partner at your side in each of your market research projects - such as a market analysis. For further information, we are always happy to personally available!

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