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Worldwide market analysis and strategy optimisation for a construction machinery manufacturer


A manufacturer of road construction machinery considers producing a particular machine in-house in the future, rather than having it manufactured externally under its own brand, as done before. A global elicitation of sales figures is intended to identify the market potential and to obtain information for a suitable international strategy.


DTO Research approach and procedure

The project design and a discussion guide for the interviews were developed in a joint workshop with the customer. Around 300 interviews were conducted with competitors, distributors, associations and other market experts worldwide. In addition to the disclosure of the global sales figures, the insights on the functioning and specificities of the individual markets were generated.



The road construction machine manufacturer received an evaluation tailored to his needs, which was used as the basis for a strategic orientation. Furthermore, the results allowed to derive recommendations for actions to support the "Make Or Buy"-decision process. By understanding business models, market specifications, trends and machine characteristics, the company achieved an enormous competitive advantage.