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Market potential analysis of a novel surface disinfection system in medical facilities for a German chemical manufacturer


The client seeks to identify the market potential for a product innovation in chemical surface disinfection specifically manufactured for medical facilities. Therefore, DTO Research is tasked with discussing the pros and cons of said product innovation and to assess the relevance of current substitutes.


DTO Research approach and procedure

The medical market, that is, medical or therapeutic facilities in Germany were separated into more specific submarkets – e.g. hospitals, nursing homes – and individually examined in terms of potential usability of the product innovation as well as current alternative solutions. Once a statistically robust data quality was achieved, those subsegments were compared in a benchmarking and ranked accordingly.



Provided with a reliable and valid benchmarking both DTO Research and the client were able to develop a precise and future-proof marketing approach and to determine the ideal niches to start the marketing the marketing processes.