DTO Industry Forum 2023

At DTO’s annual Industry Forum held in Neuss on Tuesday, October 17th, attendees learned about the significance of digitalization and robotics in various industries. The event provided insights into the current position of automation and robotics globally and their influence on business operations and optimization strategies. DTO hosted around 100 global executives from diverse industries. We were thrilled to hear innovative strategies for future development.

During the event, moderated by Doro(thea) Dietsch, Dennis Büchner and Dr. Lars Schwabe from Lufthansa Industry Solutions presented various digital solutions for the industry. Julia Astrid Riemenschneider, Nico Hackmann, and Daniel Schäfer from United Robotics Group showcased robotic capabilities and even demoed one of their industrial robot solutions. Tiberius Pischke from SICK Sensor Intelligence presented the applications of 3D Sensing in Automation. Those applications included instances used by the EU #digitalforerunner Estonia. With these digital implementations, Leana Kammertöns from EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus (Enterprise Estonia) discussed how Estonia can be a valuable market for the industry. Sydney Schüler from DTO dove deeper into insights on the business culture and opportunities in the Baltic States using business cases from past DTO analyses.

It was a great evening spent establishing new business relationships, networking with other industry professionals, and learning about the possibilities of digitalization and robotics in our respective industries. We thank the presenters and business partners who attended. We are already looking forward to the next Forum in 2024!