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Analysis of customer behaviour in European niche markets for an international manufacturer of building substances


In the recent past, the client records spontaneous turnovers in opaque niche markets that make it necessary to gain insights of the respective customer behaviour and needs. This goal is part of a large-scale international market analysis including a competitor analysis.


DTO Research approach and procedure

Three European markets were analysed in a two-tier research design, the first of which focussed annual sales volumes, a competition ranking, as well as buying-centre analyses through expert interviews with architects, planners, contractors, and competitors. The second tier aimed at identifying and examining niche-customers with the focus on their needs and purchasing behaviour.



Embedded in comprehensive market dossiers, the newly gained insights on previously opaque niche-markets enabled the client to explain and, thus, gain control over the customer behaviour. In a concluding strategy workshop, the client and DTO Research derived respective marketing strategies.