The future of the truck - Battery or fuel cell?

In recent years, the sales shares of battery electric drives in passenger cars have increased sharply. Stricter regulations and new technologies are leading to an increasing focus on these so-called BEVs. This development is now also increasingly influencing drive concepts in other mobility segments. For example, there is also an increasing introduction and planning of BEV models in trucks. Particulaily in the passenger car segment, BEVs are already benefiting from a time lead over fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs), which still have a stepmotherly existence and have already been written off by many critics as an alternative to the BEV.
In our current technical article, however, we want to turn our attention to somewhat heavier representatives in the mobility sector and have analyzed the latest trends in BEVs and FCEvs in the truck segment and derived a development forecast.

Text written by Rickmer Görner