The APAC market for hydraulics and component suppliers in the mobile machinery sector will change

The APAC market for hydraulics and component suppliers in the mobile machinery sector will change

The Asia-Pacific hydraulics market is highly competitive and dominated by a few major players such as Bosch Rexroth AG, Danfoss Power Solutions, and Parker-Hannifin Corporation. In 2019, APAC was the largest market globally for the mobile machinery hydraulics segment. The growth of the hydraulics market is due to rapid industrialization and infrastructure development. Expansion is expected to continue over the years, driving infrastructure development. APAC will therefore continue to be one of the most important regions for the hydraulics sector in the coming years.

However, hydraulic manufacturers and their respective suppliers will have to adapt to new realities. For the first time in the history of modern mobile machinery, four drive options will exist simultaneously, each with significant market shares. Conventional combustion engines, hybrid drives, all-electric drives and hydrogen drives will be on the market concurrently for the next 10 years. The reality of the internal combustion engine being used as the main energy source for hydraulics has been changing for several years. Hydraulic manufacturers and their suppliers have to offer a wider range of solutions. This will push small, specialized suppliers to their limits. Only through joint ventures and other cooperative ventures will they be able to counter this dilemma. In addition to these changes, many other factors have an impact on suppliers of mobile machinery as seen in the graphic below.

Influencing Factors:

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Text written by Nils Tychewicz