Market research for companies and service providers

Whether it's analyzing your competition, assessing market potential, identifying suitable market partners or finding new markets for your products and services, DTO Research is your specialist in B2B market research. Especially in the case of strategic realignment or the review of the current corporate strategy, it is essential that information is prepared in a valid and needs-based manner for consultations or top management. DTO Research has many years of expertise in a variety of industries and industries and generates the information you need to make strategic and operational decisions.

Industry Focus

  • Industry
  • Service
  • Production
  • Machine and plant engineers
  • Construction and utility machines
  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Energy

Our services

We create for you both professional market and industry analyzes, as well as short presentations about competitors, customers, countries, distribution channels or product and service potentials. Even if information is needed very quickly, we are happy to be your partner.

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For all customers who would like to better understand their markets and industries, even with high levels of non-transparency, we offer the right solution. If you assign yourself to one of our core areas, you will get directly to the corresponding subpages here.

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    B2B Research

    Individual market research and strategy projects
    for SMEs and large companies

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    B2B Market Research

    Do you know which paths your competitors are taking?

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    B2B Market Research

    Where are you conducting business and why not here?

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    B2B Market Research

    Do you know what plans your customers have?

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    B2B Market Research

    Do you want to identify new market developments well enough in advance?

The individual B2B market analysis

Creating and understanding markets: market research for your market


Build the crucial foundation for your company's future with targeted B2B market analyses and market research. Place your trust in one of the leading German institutes for industrial market research.


It takes a deep dive into your industry to deliver the decisive results with which you can develop a successful and sustainable strategy. DTO Research is more than just a market research institute: After successful market analysis, we work in cooperation with you to develop an optimal marketing strategy that secures your agility and helps you to adapt dynamically even when faced with sudden changes.


B2B Market Research

Valid results through an effective mix of methods: For each market study and market analysis, we use a smart combination of primary and secondary research.

Strategy Consulting

Success through insider knowledge: We delve into your industry and develop a strategy that is precisely tailored to your company, your products and your market.

B2B Research & Strategies

DTO is an international operating market research and consulting company with a focus on B2B market research and strategies. Our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potentials, customers and suppliers, as well as trends and markets in over 100 countries worldwide.


Besides undertaking the tailormade analytical framework, we assist our customers by planning and implementing market specific strategies for business improvements in existing markets as well as strategies to penetrate and cover new market potentials.

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