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Europe-wide market analysis in the storage systems sector for a globally active logistics service provider


An internationally active logistics service provider in the field of storage systems had the goal of conducting a market and competition analysis in 16 European countries. The aim was to find out the sales and turnover figures of the relevant competitors. Subsequently, the topic of high-bay warehouses was presented separately in order to reveal future potential within this market segment.


DTO Research approach and procedure

In a personal on-site workshop, the central research questions were discussed. Fundamental aspects of the project consisted of defining the main competitors and individual assumptions about the competition. Company data was analyzed and market activities were reviewed using secondary data. Especially in the logistics sector, it is essential for a consulting company to have access to a strong expert network. DTO Research has such a network and used it very intensively in order to disclose "insider information”, process-related connections and presumed motives for decisions. In total, DTO Research spoke with 150 market experts, distributors and dealers for this project.



By presenting the market and competitive situation, the customer was able to assess and discuss which product areas still require modification within Europe. The comprehensive analysis provided a strategy paper for the sales department. New employees in particular were able to obtain detailed information about individual countries and competitors using the country data.