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Comparative market analyses in Germany and Switzerland for a European manufacturer of medical consumables


The client aims at gaining an updated and precise understanding of the German and Swiss Market in terms of KPIs and qualitative aspects. More precisely, the hospital and homecare markets of both countries are to be analyzed regarding sales and order volumes, competitive landscape, procurement processes, as well as the paths that patients and prescriptions take during therapy.


DTO Research approach and procedure

As an empirical basis, the market volumes were quantified in two ways: firstly, the regional revenues of each competitor were summed up and secondly, the instances in which the respective products are used in practice were quantified through epidemiological analyses. Both ways of quantification are essentially based on expert interviews with medical and therapeutic personnel. In addition to the two-way KPI analysis, the manifold relationships of the institutions that take an active role in both markets were examined in a buying center analysis.



The two-way KPI analysis in combination with the buying center analysis allowed for a most reliable and granular – e.g. homecare market volume in Ticino – depth of understanding the markets and granted a new level of security in the strategic decision-making process.